Saturday, December 13, 2014

Personal & Professional Development Opportunities in the New Year

City Lit

Introduction to Existential Counselling

When: 17/01/15  10:30 - 17:30
Where:   Keeley Street  London (nr Holborn)

What is the course about?

The course provides an introduction to existential counselling and psychotherapy.

What will we cover?

The course will give a brief overview of existentialism and the history of existential counselling, followed by an outline of the theory and practice of existential counselling, including consideration of a case study.

Tim says: "This course gets very good ratings every year - must be doing something right! There's a nice mix of mini-lectures, small group work, case vignettes and even film clips. If you are a counsellor or trainee counsellor interested in the existential approach, this might be a good way to spend a Saturday. "
To enrol , call 020 7831 7831 or click here.

City Lit

When: Saturday 07/02/15   10:30 - 17:30
Location:  Keeley Street, London  

Life coaching is an increasingly popular way of helping people achieve their goals and lead the life they would like. This course focuses on the practical ways that philosophers and philosophical ideas and methods can make life coaching more effective.
What topics will we cover?
- introduction to life coaching.
- introduction to practical philosophy.
- specific philosophers and philosophical methods that can be used in philosophical life coaching. Specific philosophies we will cover include practical ideas from Stoicism, Existentialism and Aristotle. Specific topics include coping with difficult emotions, clarifying your values and making wiser decisions.

Tims says: "This is a very practical course about how these ideas can be put to use in coaching and in your own life; it is not a theoretical philosophy course. Useful for life coaches and those interested in applying philosophical techniques on themselves."

To enrol , call 020 7831 7831 or click here.

City Lit

CBT for person centred counsellors

The course is a practical introduction to CBT. It will provide an introduction to, and training in, some basic techniques and ideas used in CBT. The course is aimed at counsellors who are already trained in person-centred counselling, so there will also be room to discuss how CBT connects with person-centred practice. Whilst the focus of this course is practical rather than theoretical, there will also be an opportunity to evaluate CBT in terms of how useful or otherwise it can be for person-centred practitioners.

Dates: 08/01/15 - 19/03/15
Time: 18:00 - 20:30
Location: FRA - Fashion Retail Academy  , Central London

What will we cover?

  • What is CBT?
  • CBT and Person-Centred Counselling: Similarities and Differences
  • Formulation in CBT
  • Guided Discovery & Socratic Questioning
  • Cognitive Techniques 
  • Behavioural Techniques
  • CBT for Depression
  • CBT for Anxiety
  • Introduction to Third wave CBT
  •  Evaluation of CBT: How I may use it in my practice, and what are its limitations?

To enrol , call 020 7831 7831 or click here.

City Lit


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