Sunday, January 01, 2012

Setting Your own Personal Goals for 2012

Don't make any New Year's resolutions unless you are sure you will be able to stick with them. I find it's much more productive to set New Year's Goals.
Imagine it is New Years Day 2013.  Suppose that 2012 has worked out exactly as you had planned it. All your projects have come to fruition. You have had a lot of good experiences. Relationships and friendships have gone well.  Spend 15 minutes writing down what will have happened in 2012 to make you feel so good about life.
Now you are in touch with what a good 2012 would look like, you are in a good position to take steps towards making it real.What SMART goals can you set that will help yuo? For example, if one aspect of a good 2012 is to have a more satisfying job, what specifically can you do  make that more likely to happen? What would the next step be? What can you do in the next week that will help?
As well as goals, its helpful to think of everyday activities that will help you have a good 2012. What do you already do that you could do more of? What skill or experiences could you develop more?
Come back to your vision of a good 2012 every so often throughout the year. I hope it will help you get closer to it.

Have a great 2012

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