Sunday, September 14, 2014

Achieving Your Potential with Positive Psychology - Tim's Tip for the Week - Get into the Personal Development Habit

How many times have you read a personal development book, found it interesting, hoped it would help you and then ... well, it wasn't. Maybe you  hoped its effects would work without you doing very much. Perhaps you just put it back on your bookshelf and forgot about it.  Sound familiar?

So what can make the difference between a book being merely interesting and it being useful? The difference is all about  puttingideas into practice.

I've started to get feedback from people saying they are enjoying reading my book, find it intelligently written, logical, comprehensive - all nice comments - thank you  .... yet my goal in writing the book was also to write a book that would help people.

That's why I'm writing this post. It's to help you - a reader of Achieving your Potential with Positive Psychology - to benefit from reading the book.

My tip for this week is quite simple. It's to commit to doing ten minutes a day, every day, towards your personal development.  That's right - just ten minutes, but you have to do it every day. Why not? Do you spend that amount of time very day showering and cleaning your teeth? You probably don't think twice about devoting time to these  habits? So why not spend at least the same amount of time working on your personal development as well ?

How should you spend the ten minutes? There are no shortage of practical exercises in Achieve Your Potential ...  You could spend it on any one of them.  Have a look at my "Positive Psychology Toolkit" (pages  247-248) if you are short of ideas...   Let me know how you get on

Have a wonder-full day


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