Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Psychology of Inside Out: Meet Fear

Purpose: Keeps you safe from danger

Appearance: Purple, like a nerve ending

Catchphrase: “If we get through a day alive, I call that a success”

When in charge, makes you: Focus on everything that can go wrong

Favourite pastime:- Making a list of all the potential disasters

Moment of Glory: Waking Riley up which helps Sadness and Joy get back to Headquarters quicker

Moment of Shame: Not stopping the escape plan – that would have been a good time for Fear to be in charge and say "No Way"

·        Keeps you aware of  and away from dangers

·        May see dangers where there are aren’t (afraid of its own shadow)
·        May exaggerate the dangers (make mountains out of molehills)
·        May not take the best action to deal with the dangers (for example may worry without solving the problem)

How to manage wisely:
Listen to what fear is telling you, but don’t let it overwhelm you and don’t assume that its presenting a balanced or realistic view

Relatives: anxiety, worry, alarm, panic

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