Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Psychology of Inside Out: Meet Joy

Purpose: To keep you happy and positive

Appearance: A glowing collection of yellow energy particles

Catchphrase: “Perfect Day, Nice Job everybody”

When in charge, makes you:  Be happy, regardless of what’s happening

Favourite pastime:  Cheerleading with positive energy

Moments of Glory: Helping Riley be so happy – most of the time …       

Moment of Shame:  Thinking sadness had no useful role

·        Helps make you happy & popular
·        Motivates you to do things – even when the going is tough
·        Makes things fun for other people too

·        Can underestimate dangers
·        Doesn’t work in every situation
·        Being overly positive isn’t always what people need when they are upset

How to manage wisely
Allow joy full expression when there is nothing difficult to deal with, but let the other emotions in the rest of the time.

Relatives:  Happiness, Satisfaction, Enthusiasm, Positivity

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