Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Psychology of Inside Out: Meet Sadness

Purpose: To help you get support when you need it

Appearance: Blue

Catchphrase: “Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems”

When in charge, makes you:- Slow down and think a lot, usually in a negative way

Favourite Pastime:  Sitting down and crying

Moments of Glory: When Riley misses the winning goal at hockey her being sad leads to her friends and family making her realise how much she is loved.  Consoling Bing Bong when his rocket is taken from him.

Moment of Shame: Riley crying in front of everyone in her first day at her new school

·        Helps you understand and empathise with other people when they are sad
·        May give you time to slow down and try to understand what is going wrong
·        Lets people know you need support

·        Sadness can be overwhelming
·        Can be unhelpful to focus only on sad things
·        Can take the joy out of a situation

 How to manage wisely:
When something bad has happened, allow yourself to feel sad and to express sadness
At the same time don’t let sadness spoil things with negative thinking when things are going well

Relatives: Depression, Sorrow, Dejection

Meet Phyllis Smith as Sadness

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