Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Psychology of Inside Out: Meet Disgust

Purpose:  To prevent you from being poisoned physically or socially.

Appearance:  Green and in a permanent snear

Catchphrase: “Ugh!”

When in charge makes you: Look out for things that will make you look silly or get ‘poisoned’

Favourite pastimes: Making yourself look cool

Moment of glory: Coming up with the plan to use anger’s energy to let joy and sadness back into headquarters

Moment of shame: Agreeing to anger’s plan in the first place

·        Keeps you safe from not fitting in socially
·        Keeps you from eating something disgusting or dangerous

·        Can be over-sensitive to the wrong things (such as broccoli!)
·        Can be hurtful to others (when expressing contempt and being sarcastic)

How to manage wisely
Listen to what disgust has to say but don’t assume it is wise and be careful that it doesn’t lead you to hurt others

Contempt, aversion, disapproval

Meet Mindy Kaling as Disgust

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