Monday, October 24, 2016

Stoic Week has just finished but the learning continues ....

Been a very full Stoic week, starting with Stoicon in New York and ending in London Stoicon.

I'll be writing blog entries in the coming weeks on related themes, which could include

  • Stoic techniques - negative visualisation, daily meditations and more
  • Stoicism and Stephen Covey - room for synergy?
  • Stoicism and Goals - how Stoicism can help you make more achievable and relevant goals
  • REBT &  Stoicism - more similar than you might think?

As well as the results from Stoic Week (has it helped? what can we learn from the revised SABS scale? ..)

For today, I'd like to bring to your attention Ryan Holiday's new book The Daily Stoic 

Each day he and co-author Stephen Hanselman provide a short Stoic quote to read and then give a page worth's of comment on it.

Today, it's a quote from Marcus Aurelius about focusing on the qualities we can bring to the day, rather than on what we can't do. For example, you may not be rich enough like Bill Gates to donate to all diseases, but you can give a small donation to a charity. You may not be able to the Nobel Peace Prize, but you can influence those in your family and maybe elsewhere to bring more peace to the world. 
It's an interesting shift from the Positive Psychology focus on using your strengths.  Marcus Aurelius's idea is to use your virtues - character qualities that you can use, whatever your strengths, to be the best version of yourself and make the world a slightly better place.

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