Saturday, February 18, 2017

Highlights from Dubai World Government Summit and Global Happiness Dialogue

I felt very honoured to be invited to  take part in the Global Dialogue for Happiness in Dubai, UAE, Saturday 11th February. It was a most inspiring occasion and  I promise to  share my thoughts about it and the World Global Summit that followed soon

Some of the best talks are now available, so today I will share a few favourites ,,,

1) Visionary Tesla and SpaceX Entrepreneur predicts the future

"When AI gets much smarter than the smartest human on earth that's dangerous.We need to be very careful in how we adopt Artificial Intelligence. We need to make sure researchers  don’t get carried away. Sometimes what happens is that  scientists gets so engrossed in their work they don’t  realise the ramifications of what they are doing. 

2) The  Prime Minister of Bhutan,  Tshering Tobgay,

 on how governments should be thinking 

about Gross National Happiness more than 

Gross National Product

“Happiness is important so why don’t  governments  take it seriously. Why not  make happiness  a public good rather than relegating it to an individual pursuit....If the government cannot create happiness for its people there is no purpose for the government to exist ..."

3) Psychologist Scott Barry Kauffman on the new IQ - Imagination Quotient

4) Psychologist Arie Kruglanski on how the 3N model  (Need, Network and Narrative) can help us understand the mind of the terrorist

"What can governments do?
1.    Reduce the sense of insignificance and intolerance on part of large masses of people (through education, immigration policies, etc.)
 2.  Develop alternative ways for young people to attain significance that are superior to violence
 3.  Develop counter narratives that debunk violence as a means to significance."

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