Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How to become happier #5 Three Good Things in Life

This is one of the simplest happiness exercises and also one of the most effective.

Each night  for one week, write down three things that went well that day. 
In addition to writing three things that went well, provide a causal explanation for each thing.
 In particular, try to pay attention to how your behaviour caused the positive thing.

For example
1)      I had a nice chat with my friend – how I influenced this good thing happening – I called her
2)      The sun shone today – I noticed it!

This takes only a couple of minutes and most people find it enjoyable. They are just a couple of pitafalls to avoid
1)Do not set the bar too high – the good thing doesn’t have to be that you won an Oscar
2) Remember that how you caused the good thing can be indirect - for example even if the friend called you, you helped caused it by being a good friend over the years
3) Do reflect on not just the good thing but also how you helped bring it about - the exercise not only helps you feel more optimistic, it also helps you become more self-aware and also more aware of what you have control over.

So - what 3 good things happened to you today
And what did you do that helped  make them happen

This activity is also a good one to tell other people about, and to do with friends or family. Telling someone about it can count as one of your Three Good Things!

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