Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to become happier: #1 The Best Possible Self Exercise

Happiness matters, it's good for everyone, and there are things you can do to enhance it.
These were amongst the conclusions of the inspiring  WGS and Global Happiness Dialogue I recently attended in Dubai, UAE.   To do my bit for readers, I am writing articles all week on happiness.

Today, an evidence-based exercise that can help you understand what happiness would be like personally for you. Try it now.

Best Possible Self exercise
Think about what you expect your life to be one, five or ten years from now. 
Visualise a future for yourself in which everything has turned out the way you’ve wanted. 
You have tried your best, worked hard achieved all your goals. Now describe in writing what you imagine.

Do it now, if you like repeat it in the next few days, using different areas of life (e.g. career, relationships and recreation) and/or different timeframes.

Take the Happiness Questionnaire now to get a baseline for your happiness..

I'll be sharing another happiness exercise tomorrow

Have a great day


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