Saturday, February 25, 2017

How to become happier #2 Random Acts of Kindness

All week, to celebrate the WGS and Global Happiness Dialogue, I am writing about happiness.
Last time  I shared with you the Best Possible Self Exercise.

Today, try some Random Acts of Kindness

Perform 5 acts of kindness today. Some people like to plan them though its perfectly OK to be spontaneous.

You can choose whether the acts of kindness all benefit the same person and whether they are made aware of them. Be sure not to do anything that places you or others in danger.

Possible acts of kindness include
        Pay for the person next to you in a coffee shop
        Give someone a compliment
        Cook a meal for your flatmate
        Write a letter to a friend
·       Express gratitude
·       Bring cake to work
·       Tell someone you care about them
·       Donate money to charity
·       Give blood

You can use the comments section to share how your Acts of Kindness went

Have a great day and a great weekend


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