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6 Big Ideas from the WGS #2) Appoint a Minister for Happiness and Well-Being

Social scientists now know a lot about what goes with happiness. Positive Psychology has identified a number of simple interventions which lead to lasting improvements in happiness. However, even among educated people these are little known. Do you know these 10 strategies to enhance happiness designed by Action for Happiness?

 Governments can – and should – promote knowledge about happiness and incentivise activities that promote happiness – such as exercise, clubs and games– just as they have begun to do with the environment and physical health.

Happiness has  many positive consequences – longer life, better health, better social relations, more altruism, more creativity amongst them. As the doyen of happiness experts, Ed Diener argued at the WGS  

           “Happiness is  a necessity not a luxury.”

It was no coincidence that the  UAE gave the WGS a happiness focus, organised  a Global Happiness Dialogue and a happiness festival   in the same week and is  also the first country in the world to appoint a Happiness Minister.   Which country is going to be the second?

Vannesa King, a board member at Action for Happiness and author of the Ten Keys to Happier Living, who was also present at the WSG, argues that it should be the UK.

“The UK Government should be brave and state that Happiness is the goal of government and start a national conversation to help people, communities and our institutions explore and unpack what that really means  and what it takes from all of us. Appointing a Happiness Minister would be a good idea.  Someone needs to have oversight of our national wellbeing 'dashboard', and develop a framework for policy and economic decision-making that incorporates an holistic view of wellbeing impact.  And hold other departments to account.”

Reflections of the WGS  

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Video Highlights from the WGS and Global Happiness Dialogue

Here is a pdf of Tim LeBon's "6 Big Ideas" Series from the WGS 2017

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