Monday, March 06, 2017

6 Big Ideas from the WGS - #5) The need for scientific knowledge - and wisdom

“Knowledge without action is wastefulness. Action without knowledge is foolishness”
(Al Ghazali , quoted by Sheikh Mohammed at the WGS)

Imagine that your town is likely to be hit by a hurricane next week. 
You have four options
1 Business as usual, hope for the best
2 Take a vote on what to do. Let democracy rule
3 Hope that  the free market will sort it out
4 Gather together those with the most knowledge and understanding about hurricanes and act on their recommendations

Which option should you choose?

The challenges we as a world face are potentially even more serious than even a hurricane.  
The expertise on show at WGS was truly dazzling. 

Engineers like Musk and  Kalanick informed us of advances in technology. 

Psychologists like Seligman, Diener and Csiksentmihalyi told us about important developments in the psychology of human flourishing, Positive Psychology.

Economists  Stiglitz and Schwab shared their understanding of  the  economic impact of globalisation and technological change. 

Psychologist Arie Kruglanski   even shed light on such important matters as how to be smart at  fighting terrorism

There is an enormous and growing amount of scientific understanding and  knowledge available to the world now – we need use it, wisely,

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