Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Are you happier?

This post concludes the "A week of Happiness" series.

  If you missed it, don't worry, you can complete a week of happiness at anytime. Here is how.

 First, take the Happiness Questionnaire

Next, do the happiness exercises.

Although I posted one each day, you will get more benefit if you spread them out more.
I'd suggest spending a week on each of the happiness exercises

#1 Best Possible Self
#2 Random Acts of Kindness
#3 Activity Scheduling
#4 Use your Strengths
#5 Three Good Things

Finally, take the Happiness Questionnaire  again to see whether you are happier.

Are you? Use the comments section to let us know, also which exercises you liked most.

Today I'm going to add a couple of extra tips.
No, not extra happiness exercises, although you can find plenty more in Achieve Your Potential with Positive Psychology

First, I strongly recommend you use the happiness tips in the service of things that matter to you.. Happiness matters, but so do other things, like friendships, family and accomplishment.
Here are some ideas about how to create a "win-win" between happiness and other values

  • Use your strengths in helping you achieve your goals
  • Do the three good things exercise as a shared activity for example with your family
  • Make your acts of kindness not so random - be kind to those you care about
  • Use the Best Possible Self exercise to visualise how you can lead a meaningful life and then take the first step towards it today
  • Schedule activities that satisfy your core values - and preferably bring you pleasure and achievement as well!

Secondly, make these exercises a habit.
It was Aristotle who said "one swallow does not make a summer" and he wasn't wrong.
You brush your teeth every day. Why not pick one of these to do every day? Better still, make it a habit to do at least one happiness exercise a day.

Now that would be what I would call a good habit.

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