Sunday, May 13, 2018

New! Practical Wisdom for Busy People podcast - episode 1.

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The great Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca once said “If you don’t know to which port you are sailing, no  wind is favourable”.
Imagine a boat in the middle of the sea representing  your journey through life.
Where is your boat heading? Do you know?
Are you clear  where you want  your life to go?
If you don’t know,  other people are quite likely steer you somewhere they want you  to go.  Or the winds of fate may blow  off course so you end up wondering how you got to this job, this relationship and this lifestyle.
So you might conclude, as some  people do, that the answer it to take full control over your boat and not let other’s influence you.
But what if you end up steering it in the wrong direction, working on the wrong life goals, living an independent but unhappy life?
What we all  need  is a  clear – and wise -  conception of what we want from life. What matters most in life to you? Happiness? Good relationships? Meaning and purpose? Achievement? Being the best version of you?
Take a moment to reflect on what port you would like to sail towards, the values that matter most to you.
Now think about how you can take a step closer towards that port.
When you are deciding what to do, how to respond to what someone says, take a moment to reflect on how consistent it is with your values so it move you in the right direction.
What one specific thing can you do today  that you weren’t already planning to do to move one step closer. Perhaps gardening, reading a book, meeting a friend, exercising, making a healthy and tasty meal for you and others?
For the rest of the day you might like to imagine Seneca as a wise sage on your shoulder, advising you to be mindful of  where your boat is heading and to what you can to move in the right direction
See you soon, have a great day.