Saturday, October 27, 2018

Practical Wisdom for Busy People Episode 2: What's your Superpower?

Today’s episode is entitled “What’s your Superpower?”
Would you like to have a superpower?
What superpower would you like to have?
Maybe the power of invisibility like Harry Potter?
Or the ability to  travel in time,  like Dr Who?
Perhaps you would like to fly like Superman?

Next question - what would you say to someone who had a superpower but didn’t know what it was or didn’t use it very much?
What would you say to  a version of Harry Potter who kept getting caught by Professor Snape because he forgot to wear his  cloak of invisibility ?  Or To a  Dr Who who was getting really bored on 21st century earth but didn’t use her Tardis?
I’d say -  “Why don’t you use your superpowe?”

Well the good news is that you do have a superpower and the chances are that you aren’t using it to its full potential.
We each have unique strengths, talents and skills  - and these are your superpower. What’s yours?
Perhaps it is the ability to work really hard?
Or To motivate  people? Or be a very positive person?
Perhaps people talk to you because they value your advice ?
Buy don’t have to guess, because there’s a more scientific way of discovering your strength, your superpower.
Psychologists have identified 24 key character strengths valued  across most cultures.
Taking the questionnaire will enable you to find your top strengths, in other words to identify your superpower. You can take it for free at the VIA website at

I’ve taken the test a number of times, and every time a love of learning comes out as one of my very top strengths. 
Having identified my superpower, the next step is to use it more often and to overcome challenges.
When faced with a challenge I  now ask myself “How can my love of learning help me here?”.
I’ve learnt to listen to audiobooks on my way to work, thereby making sure I get a regular dose of my top strength every day.
I’ve found that the more I use this strength, the more I enjoy life and the more I contribute to others. It really is my superpower.
Of course your top strength -your superpower – might be completely different to mine. It might be perseverance, or kindness or zest or honesty.
So my challenge to you today is to  go to to discover your superpower –and then use it every day
Otherwise you would be  like a version of Harry Potter who  keeps his invisibility cloak in his wardrobe or like a Dr Who  who put her Tardis in storage. And that would be practical folly, not practical wisdom.
Wishing you  more happiness and wisdom today and every day
Until next time