Saturday, January 12, 2019

How to Achieve Your Goals this Year

So you know how to set your goals for this year, the key question is
- what gives me the best chance of achieving my goals?

In this post I will share ideas from the 3 disciplines I find most insightful - Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Stoicism, drawing on my talk at the Weekend University in 2018 (I have included clips from a video of my talk and a pdf)

1. Use strategies that research has shown work to work ( drawing on Positive Psychology)

Psychologist Richard Wiseman reviewed 10 common strategies and discovered these were the only 5 that worked.  I talked about  which research-based tips  work and which do not for 3 minutes, starting at 12 minutes in the clip below.

Evidence-based techniques to achieve your goals (from 12 mins for 3 minutes)

Often these research-based tips will be enough for you to achieve your goals this year.
But sometimes they won't, especially if unhelpful life rules or assumptions or difficult emotions get in the way. In these cases Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can be the difference that makes the difference,.

2. Use  CBT  to help overcome emotional and  other obstacles to change

To hear me explain  these ideas in much more detail , watch or listen to my Weekend University talk for  from the 15 minute to the 52 minute mark

                                           CBT  to  help you achieve your goals (from 15 mins for 47 minutes)

3.  Learn and Practice Stoicism to develop excellent habits for life

Positive Psychology gives you evidence-based strategies.
CBT helps you overcome emotional obstacles.

But how do you develop the right habits that will mean you continue moving in the right direction once the goals are achieved? And what can help you focus on important and morally significant goals rather than trivial ones?  Over to philosophy and specifically Stoicism, an ancient philosophy experiencing a twenty-first century renaissance.

Stoicism can be simplified into 3 life-changing ideas.

To hear more about how Stoicism can help you achieve your goals and give you a helpful life Philosophy, skip to the hour mark in my Weekend University talk and watch it until the end.

                              Stoicism  to  help you achieve your goals (from 60  mins for 42 minutes)

I hope these ideas are helpful.

You can download the pdf of the Weekend University presentation here.

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