Monday, August 26, 2019

Bryan Magee, the man who made philosophy intelligble

Sad to hear of the death of Bryan Magee last month, aged 89.
Magee introduced me and I am sure many others to philosophy through is TV programmes The Great Philosophers and Men Of Ideas.
Magee had the happy knack of making complicated ideas intelligible. My main memory of the programmes is of a great philosopher (and he had some real greats on) like Quine say something far too complicated for me to understand and then Magee in a few sentences would say "So, Professor, in essence what you are saying is...." and all would become (relatively) clear,.

Here is a really good obituary of Bryan Magee  written by Julian Baggini

Much of the material from his programmes is available for free on You Tube. Here is my old college President, Tony Quinton, being interviewed by Magee about Spinoz and Leibniz