Friday, September 20, 2019

Positive Psychology course - Thursday evenings London starting Oct 3rd with Tim LeBon

Want to make 2020 a special year?
Still time to enroll for this 10 week class on Thursday evenings in London starting Oct 3rd

I hope you may be able to join us.


Most of us would like to become happier and flourish in life. This course provides evidence-based techniques to enable you to do this. This short course takes a very practical approach. Students will learn evidence-based skills and be encouraged to apply them between sessions.

Why choose this course?

You will learn evidence-based techniques to become happier, be more engaged in life, have more meaning and purpose, enjoy better personal and professional relationships and achieve more.
Through encouragement from the course tutor, you will learn techniques that enable you to realise your full potential, as well assess their individual experiences within the context of positive psychology. Participation is important and the course asks for a lot of self-reflection.
The part-time course is suitable for anyone who wishes to develop professionally or personally. It may be of particular relevance to those who mentor or coach or manage other people but is not limited to these people.

Course overview

You will learn leading-edge ways to develop PERMA: positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, purpose and accomplishment.
You will also have the opportunity to reflect on values and learn how CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) can help you become more resilient and move in your valued direction.
Weekly classes encourage discussion of these ideas and practical exercises are given to aid self-development. You also have the option of giving a short presentation in class.
The two Positive Psychology courses can be taken in either order and no prior knowledge is required.
To enrol and for further info visit

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