Saturday, October 05, 2019

It's Stoic Week - and so far, most participants come from .......

Looking forward to Stoicon today and will tweet about it at #timlebon as post some more on this blog ....
It's the week where people from all over the world "act like a Stoic" for a week.  We ask them to fill in questionnaires so we can work out whether Stoic is helpful or not, and which aspects of it are helpful, and in what ways it is helpful.
See  for previous findings.

This year, so far we have most participants from USA, with Canada and UK a bit behind, but we are still enrolling people.

United States 109
United Kingdom 51
Canada 31
Australia 12
Italy 5
New Zealand 4
Denmark 3
Argentina Germany Ireland {Republic} Japan Romania Singapore Sweden 2
Belarus Bosnia Herzegovina Brazil Czech Republic Finland France India Israel Malaysia Netherlands Pakistan Russian Federation Spain Switzerland Venezuela 1

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