Free Audio Downloads

Free Audio Downloads

By Tim LeBon

Compassion Focussed Meditations

Soothing Rhythm Breathing 5 minutes guided slow calm breathing, to help soothing system and get more relaxed (can be used as part of Compassion Focussed Therapy or in its own right)

Creating your Safe Place   Relaxation Exercise, also part of how to build self-compasssion as in Compassion-Focussed Therapy (5 mins, 22 seconds)

Developing Compassion - an early exercise in CFT after you have learnt soothing rhythm breathing and safe place (11 mins, 8 seconds)

Compassion Flowing Out  Meditation Exercise from Compassion Focussed Therapy, imagining compassion flowing from you to someone else (6 minutes)

Focussing the Compassionate Self on another  Exercise from CFT to help build compassion for others, similar to Loving Kindness Meditation (4 minutes and 10 seconds)

Compassionate Ideal Meditation   Imagining your ideal compassionate other, can be used in Compassion Focussed Therapy (11 minutes 46 seconds)

Stoic  Meditations and Recordings

Stoic Ideal Adviser Meditation (25 minutes)  Can be used as part of your Stoic Training - how not be like Basil Fawlty!
Here is a script of the Stoic Ideal Advisor Meditation

Stoic Meditation to help build Persistence     Persist and Resist, acting like the Sage, creating grit and persistence  (11 minutes and 27 seconds)

Stoic Concentric Circles of Hierocles Exercise  Stoic Exercise to help build compassion and concern for others  (13 minutes)

Stoic Preparing for Adversity   Negative Visualisation workshop from New York Stoicon 2016 - about Trump being elected President  (over one hour, workshop recording including mediation)

Stoic Values Clarification Dialogue with Chris Gill from Toronto Stoicon 2017 (over one hour, workshop recording including values dialogue)

Positive Psychology Meditations and Recordings

Finding flow   Guided discovery of how to create more flow and engagement in your life

These recordigns are free for personal use.

Always use these meditations safely
Do not listen to when driving or when operating machinery

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