Presentations from Conferences, Workshops, Articles & Courses (Selection)

You are free to use these for your own personal use; please do not distribute further without permission

Presentation to Stoicon-X 2019 12/10 London Stoic Life Coaching   PDF   Handout
Presentation to Stoicon 2018 29/09 London   What have we learnt so far from 6 years of Stoic Weeks?

Stoicon 29/09/2018 Workshop  Stoic Anger Management

Presentation to Positive Psychology in Practice 26/04/2018 The Good Life (PDF) Worksheet 

Presentation to Weekend University 28/01/2018  Stoic Philosophy, CBT and Behaviour Change (PDF)

Stoic Week Report 2017 (part 4, with links to parts 1-3)

Dialogue with Prof. Chris Gill at Toronto Stoicon Octiber 2017  -  Stoic Values Clarification

Keynote from IMEC London Roehampton July 1-2 2017  Wise Therapy for Meaning and Purpose - 2017 Reboot (PDF)   Wise Therapy ... Reboot - fuller including slides not in presentation (PDF)

Negative  Visualisation on the prospect of President Trump New York 2016

Stoic Week Report 2016 (part 4, with links to parts 1-3)

Stoicon London November 2015 Workshop: How to become virtuous
LessonsfromCompassionate Mind-Training/CompassionFocussedTherapy   (PDF)

Stoic Week Report 2015: Are Stoics Happier? (part 4, with links to parts 1-3)

Thinking Through Dialogue: Essays in Philosophical Counselling (2001) Curnow, T (ed)
Philosophical Counselling: An Introduction (PDF)

5th International Conference on Philosophical Counselling 1999 (Wadham College, Oxford)
Was Socrates a Philosophical Counsellor (PDF)

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